• Jim S. from Akron

    I just want to thank the staff of CGFS for being there for me and my children. Without CGFS I would have never seen my kids during our custody battle. All of the staff members at CGFS were great throughout this very difficult process. They are very professional and helpful.

  • Mary F. from Canton

    I was really nervous the first time coming to CGFS, but Chris and his staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable.They made an otherwise bad situation seem like a blessing in disguise. Thanks!

  • Bob T. from Cleveland

    As a grandparent I did not think I had rights and was not happy that I had to have my visits supervised, but thank God for the people at Common Ground who helped me and my grand-kids to still be a family.We now have the kids over every other weekend to our home without

  • David Jury, M.D.

    I truly appreciate the kindness, consideration, and professionalism you and your staff demonstrated consistently to my family during a challenging emotional time. Particularily to my then 10 yo son who didn’t understand many of the why’s, but was so happy to be reunited with papa in a natural environment that made us both feel safe and secure

  • J.A. from Cuyahoga Falls

    As a father, going to Common Ground was intimidating at first. I didn’t know what to expect and some of the thoughts that went through my head involved two-way mirrors and therapists constantly judging my every move. This was not the case at all. In my opinion, the only goal Chris and his team have is to help