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J.A. from Cuyahoga Falls

As a father, going to Common Ground was intimidating at first. I didn’t know what to expect and some of the thoughts that went through my head involved two-way mirrors and therapists constantly judging my every move. This was not the case at all. In my opinion, the only goal Chris and his team have is to help establish/repair a relationship and ensure safety of the child. I had not seen my daughter for 3 years and I feel that if I had not gone to Common Ground, my relationship with my daughter wouldn’t be where it is today. They never made me feel like I was being judged or like I was a subject being scrutinized. The only problem I had was telling my daughter we couldn’t go to the blue house (Common Ground) anymore when we were finished building our relationship because she loved the staff so much. Thank you Chris and all of your staff! God bless you and the work that you do.