Parent Coordination

In some very high-conflict cases, the Court may appoint a Parent Coordinator to assist the parents with mediating their own differences informally on an ongoing basis as conflicts over parenting time, schedules, transportation, child support, educational and medical decisions, and other issues arise in order to avoid excessive motions and pleadings being filed with the court.

Parent Coordination provides an alternative to litigation but allows for the professional Parent Coordinator to act as an arbitrator by making decisions in the child’s best interest when communication between the parents breaks down and they are unable to reach a consensus on their own through Mediation and/or other means.

As a Guardian Ad Litem with Summit County Domestic Relations Court for the past fifteen years and with over twenty-five years of experience working with families and children, Common Ground Family Services’ Parent Coordinator has the knowledge, skills, and compassion necessary to help your family work through issues and make decisions that will benefit your children and safeguard family bonds and relationships and aide in speedy conflict resolution.

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