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Q. What will be expected of me during supervised visits?

A. All clients of CGFS are expected to adhere to the same set of rules and expectations as outlined and agreed to by each parent during the intake process, which include the following:

  1. Be on time for all visits.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude at all times during the visits.
  3. Refrain from negative or prying comments and questions regarding the other parents in front of the children.
  4. Actively work toward establishing a positive and nurturing relationship with each child.
  5. Follow all safety rules and restrictions during visits.
  6. Cooperate with visitation supervisor and be open to suggestions to develop relationship building, communication, and parenting skills.
  7. Respect all court orders and the rights of the other parent at all times.
  8. Engage in no activity that may cause physical or emotional harm or distress to the children.
  9. Be alcohol and drug free during all visitations.
  10. Respect the rights and dignity of the children, the other parent, and the visitation staff.
  11. Avoid discussing adult topics and legal issues in front of the children.

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